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Mariánské LázněMarienbad

Mariánské Lázně, Marienbad

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Excellent effects of the forty spa springs, the delicate charm of architecture, the romance of large parks, the richness of cultural traditions and the grace of the forested surroundings made Mariánské Lázně famous already in the past, and far beyond the borders of the country. The altitude of 630 metres above sea level, fresh air, genial atmosphere and salutary calmness of the surrounding forests combine to create the unique character of Mariánské Lázně. The visitors may enjoy a lot of cultural events organized in the city, such as theatre performances, concerts, galery or museum exhibitions. The Casino civic centre gives balls, concerts, fashion shows and variety shows; the colonnade concerts are expecially popular. The Singing Fountain offers an extraordinary experience. Its spellbinding tones resound the atmosphere of the colonnade at every odd hour. The annual Chopin's Music Festival is regular part of the spa life. It is held on the occasion of the opening of the spa season. Sports can also be enjoyed here to the full, the offer is wide for all age groups. There are tennis courts, swimming pools, golf links, natural bathing places and fitness centres. Sightseeing flights and parachute jumps are also available.

City Mariánské Lázně - Ruská 155/3, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně, tel.: +420 354 922 111, fax: +420 354 623 186, e-mail:, Web:
City information centre - Hlavní 47/28, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně, tel.: +420-354 622 474, +420-354 622 482, fax: +420-354 625 330, e-mail:


Singing fountain
Mariánské Lázně

Colonnade of Rudolf´s spring
Colonnade of Rudolf´s spring
Colonnade of Ferdinand´s spring

Geothe's town-square
Geothe's town-square

Bronze monument of J. W. Goethe
Orthodox Church of St. Vladimir

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